The Frugal Prepper

The following prepper items are in the order of priorities you must consider:

1) Water - You cannot survive without clean water. Filter and boil water for drinking. Water can be gotten from downspouts, cisterns, other rain collection tanks, clear water from streams and ponds from known sources. Do not drink water that has not been adequately filtered or sterilized. It could be deadly.

2) Food - You should have six months to a year of palatable food stored away for emergencies. You must grow your own garden and have a large seed bank, raise rabbits, chickens, and goats. Learn to dehydrate and can. Learn how to make a fire from scratch and cook.

3) Shelter - Sufficient and hidden for hot summers and cold winters. Heat can be tolerated by just staying in the shade. Cold weather means having sufficient wood for a woodstove and proper clothing.

4) Security/Communications - You must disappear from sight and not be a target. Having solar panels for rechargeable batteries for lights, radios, and any survival electronics. Walkie-talkies for perimeter security and local happenings, get a ham radio license and HF low power transceivers for very distant communications. Also study this web page. Obtain a firearm and plenty of ammunition, and become proficient. You will need it for hunting too.

5) Health and Medicine - A good supply of vitamins and supplements and foraging your own from herbs and plants. There are books that will show you what common weeds and plants that can be used as a substitute for medication. Learn basic first aid and advanced care for trauma and serious wounds. Don't forget soap and detergents. Learn how to make lye soap.

6) Clothing - Save every stitch of clothing so it can be mended or cut into pieces and repurposed for other clothing items. Good leather shoes with rubber soles, not cheap sporting/running shoes that won't last a year. Ample thread and needles are a must.

7) Survival Supplies - This is just a brief list. Fire starting, ropes and knots, sewing kits, fishing kits, knives and sharpening, firearms, soaps and detergents, water filtration, cooking implements, first-aid supplies, radios - short wave, walkie-talkies, ham radio, rechargeable batteries and chargers. GOOD bags, GHB, INCH bags (I'm not coming home).

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