A Word About Storage Batteries

Large capacity lead-acid wet cell or LiPo batteries will deliver huge amounts of current if allowed to. This can be dangerous as it will burn your hands and catch your place on fire, or the battery can explode. Adequate current protection is a must. Proper fusing is important. It is unlikely you will draw more than about 10 amps at a time from the battery so a 10 or 15 amp fuse or DC circuit breaker will be needed.

You have a number of choices but here are a couple:

For deep cycle wet cell lead acid batteries purchase a battery box. The fancy ones have connectors and cigarette lighter sockets on the box. They also have a charge indicator and resettable circuit breaker on it. They cost around US$50 from Amazon. Click on picture to go to Amazon. These are well worth the safety features as shown below.


This case will take up to a Group 27 size battery. However you can still use it to hold a Group 24 battery too.


Another lower cost way to protect you and your battery is to use a fuse block or inline fuse to the positive terminal on the battery.

This will allow you to have a number of protected outputs from the battery using
regular ATC/ATO type auto fuses of different amperage.

There are many types of fuse blocks and this is just one that costs about US$13.00



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