All About Short Wave

Short wave bands are also known as HF or High Frequency bands. Short wave has the ability to reach almost all over the world with many services as described below.

With the main stream media being controlled by dangerous organizations, governments, and radical people, it is important to use short wave to receive more unbiased information. Here is a link to some good radios:

Retekess V115 around $19.95 on Amazon

Tecsun PL 660 $119.95 on Amazon

Tecsun PL 360 $49.95 on Amazon

Eton Grundig Yachtboy 400PE $200.00 on Amazon

Make sure the SW band covers continuously from 3 to 25 mhz. Some cheaper radios leave out portions of the band.

Of course a good quality Amateur Radio transceiver can be used to monitor many services.

Also make sure you have spare radios and that they are kept in a hardened container to prevent EMP damage. Also spare rechargeable batteries and chargers.

Unlike regular broadcast stations, these stations come on and go off at various times of the day because they share the frequencies with other stations around the world. Remember, the higher frequencies (above 12 mhz) are good for daytime listening and the lower frequencies (below 12 mhz) are better for nighttime listening.

The following are links to networks and websites and frequencies:


4.920, 5.010, 5.800, 5.850, 5.950, 7.570, 7.730
7.780, 9.395, 9.455, 9.955, 15.770


7.490 MHz Noon-4PM EST M-F
                   10PM-Midnight M-F
                   Noon-7PM Sat
                   Noon-5PM Sun
                   1-3AM Sun

4.790 MHz 24-7

6.160 MHz 24-7 Except 7-10PM M-F
                           Except 7PM-Midnight SAT/SUN


3.215 MHz 9:00PM - 4:59AM EST
15.795 MHz 5:00AM - 7:59AM EST
15.825 MHz 8:00AM - 4:59PM EST
6.115 MHz 5:00PM - 8:59PM EST

5.935 MHz 8:00PM - 7:59AM EST
7.490 MHz 8:00AM - 10:59AM EST
12.16 MHz 11:00AM - 3:59PM EST
9.350 MHz 4:00PM - 5:59PM EST
5.070 MHz 6:00PM - 7:59PM EST

4.840 MHz 8:00PM - 7:59AM EST
13.845 MHz 8:00AM - 7:59PM EST

7.520 MHz 7:00PM - 9:59PM EST
5.890 MHz 10:00PM - 7:59AM EST
9.980 MHz 8:00AM - 6:59PM EST


Shortwave search engine

Some other frequencies are: 9410, 11600, 11700 khz

So what else is on the short wave (HF) bands?

The U.S. Military as well as other countries' military use short wave for long distance communications for surveillance and drills. Some are analog, meaning you can listen to them with your short wave radio but some of the military use digital encrypted modes and can be identified by an increase of noise. You must have specialized digital receivers to listen to them but many are encrypted so you still can't hear what's being transmitted.

Ship-to-shore communications, trans-oceanic aircraft at high altitudes (AIRINC), Amateur (ham) radio bands scattered from 3.5 to 30 mhz., foreign radio broadcasts from other countries, Voice of America (VOA), weather satellites, telemetry from remote monitoring stations, beacons for detecting propagation.

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