It Won't Have To Be An EMP

Much talk has been made as to how an EMP could disable the United States. Everyone is "looking" to the skies for a possible nuclear bomb carefully placed above the continent to take our country down.

On February 13th, Frank Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy, spoke on Stephen K. Bannon's program "War Room Pandemic" on "Real America's Voice". Steve asked how Biden's executive order to turn over access of the Grid to the CCP could affect the U.S. Gaffney said it would be easy for the grid to be shut down and locked permanently and that within a year, over 90% of the U.S. population would be dead because we as a country are totally dependent upon the grid to live.

This is profound and very possible because it would not require an escalated nuclear confrontation to do almost the same damage.

"Are you ready to live without electricity?"

I ask this question at many prepper meetings when I'm called to teach. I always ask, "If the electrical grid were to go down tonight....or this weekend...or next week, are you fully prepared? Have you done everything to prepare you and your family for an extra long term grid outage?" All I get are blank stares. I don't know if they are thinking about it or if they think I shouldn't be asking such a foolish question. Then I ask, "What are you waiting for?"

In February 2021, there were news reports of a major snow storm in Texas and the mid-west that had left many millions without power and thus, without heat. As long as the storm was active, the power company could not make necessary repairs to the lines so it would be days if not weeks that people would have no heat or light, and must survive on their own.

Are you ready for a short time outage? How about a long term outage? You may not have a place to go for shelter, heat and food. Do you have ample food and water in your home for an extended time without power? Those on municipal water and sewer will be without because pumps for water and sewer will not be running. Those in rural areas on a well and septic will be without water and many with sewage pump systems, without sewer.

Those of you who live in the city or suburbs will be most affected by a power outage. Most were born and raised with the luxury of a reliable power grid and think it will be around reliably forever and depend on it for everything. I felt the same way when I lived most of my life in suburban Washington, D.C. I never gave one thought that the power would ever cease. I never thought about setting aside even a few weeks of food and water just in case.

As an update, in May 2021, the east coast and surrounding states had a severe gasoline shortage due to what was claimed as a Ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline. In just a few days most all gas stations were without gas. Long gas lines and closed service stations looked like the 1973 gas shortage some of us still remember. Even some businesses had to shut down and send employees home. Almost three weeks later even after the pipeline was restarted only half of the stations even around Washington, D.C. were still closed. Prices surged to over $3.00 a gallon.

If the shortage due to sabotage or other shutdown were to continue a few weeks longer, the supply of most food and fresh groceries would come to a halt because long haul truckers and distribution centers would cease to operate. Those of you that had planned ahead and stockpiled a month or more of food would not be as adversely affected. Those that didn't plan would have serious problems meeting the food needs of their families. If shortages were to be prolonged for months, this would assuredly trigger a socio-economic collapse which may not be recoverable. Not only gas, but all food, water, medical supplies, and of course electricity.

We live in a very fragile society. We are dependent upon electrical power for almost everything. Once that is gone, our way of life will quickly collapse into chaos. So many different things could cause a collapse. Sabotage of the grid, massive pipeline shutdown, financial collapse starting with the Stock Market, massive earthquake, volcanic eruption, massive pandemic, racial, political, and civil riots, and don't forget about an EMP.

Do you have an escape plan? If you are at work, do you have a "Git-Home" bag? If you live in the city do you have a "Get-Out-Of-Dodge" bag? Do you have plans and provisions to stay hunkered down in your home? And how long do you think you could stay locked down without a source of food and water? How about personal protection and communications? Do you have plans to defend your family against those that would break into your house and take everything you own? Even law abiding neighbors and strangers would do anything to feed their family if they know you had something they need, and turn against you and will take it by force.

Do you think you could just escape to the rural countryside and seek food and shelter? Think again. This is a bad thing if you don't have an escape plan and a preplanned destination. Don't think there will be ample food and shelter if you just camp on someone's doorstep, hide in the woods, or that rural folks would just invite you in.

So what do you do? Study websites like thisw one and make plans to stock up on items for survival. There are government websites like and that can get you started. There are hundreds of private websites like,,, and books like "Disaster Preparedness for the Family" with many hints and helps and lists you should consider. Meet regularly with trusted, like-minded friends and families to discuss plans and support, and to share ideas on prepping.

Remember the five important topics of preparing. Water, Food, Shelter, Communications, and Security/Defense


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