Items to consider

Communications - Coordinating all types of communications between all preppers, prepper groups, EOC's and possible government coordinators. Ham, CB, FRS, GMRS

Logistics including distribution.

Operational Security - Safety and security. Offensive and defensive weapons and tactics. Armory.

Food Storage - Stock up on these items in bulk that won't get old with age. Iodized salt, Raw honey, Fels Naptha, Washing Soda, Borax, Pasta, 

Gardening - Tools, essential oils for insecticide

Saving Seeds - heirloom seeds of all kinds, Foraging

Canning - Jars, lids, bands, canning salt, pickling lime

Food drying - dehydrator, refrigerator smoker

Cheese making - raw supplies, Rendering Lard, rennet

Raising animals for meat, eggs and milk, Butchering meat animals

Hunting & Fishing - fishing line, reels, rods, plenty of hooks, lures, weights, filet knives

Tanning hides

Water Storage, Rain Water collection, Water Purification - chlorine generation, Water Conservation

Alternative Power Sources

Alternative Light Sources such as candle making and oil lamps

Alternative Heating & Cooking resources

Herbal Remedies

First Aid and First Aid supplies, Medical Equipment

Bug Out Bags

Homesteading, child rearing, education, home schooling, training


All Back to Basic Skills

Tools that should be kept on hand

Any and all items that should be included in our prep storage

Hydroponics or Aquaponics

Pest Control

Manual typewriter, plenty of paper and ribbons.

Religious education and counseling


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