Items To Stockpile for Long Term Survival

The items below aren't in any priority but must be stockpiled. These items are for short term and long term survival. For some items you must transfer the product into a more suitable container to prevent moisture and oxygen contamination, odor absorption, and insect infestation. Remember, any surplus can be used for barter. Remember to place a date code when you re-packaged the products, not necessarily the expiration date. 2 liter plastic soda bottles and plastic juice (grape juice type) bottles can be used for storing dry goods. Note if they contain BPA. If so they could still be used for dry goods because BPA usually migrates only into liquids. Use a suitable funnel to store product in bottles with narrow necks.

Sugar - Transfer to HDPE bottles, 2 liter plastic soda bottles, or glass jars, not necessarily canning jars. Preferably cane sugar

Salt - Store in plastic or glass jars, not necessarily canning jars

Baking Soda - Store in plastic or glass jars, not necessarily canning jars

Rubbing Alcohol - Will store well in original containers

Spices - Will store well in original containers

NiMh Rechargeable Batteries, chargers and solar panels - Many AA, but lots of AAA. Use adapters to C and D

Motor Oil - Store in original containers

Ammunition - store in air tight ammo containers in cool dry locations

Vitamins and Supplements - Keep in original bottles in cool dry locations

Dried legumes and rice - repackage in 2 liter plastic drink bottles or juice bottles

Olive oil - Store in original container in cool dry location

Heirloom seeds - store in air tight containers to keep insects out

Raw honey - store in original containers

Iodine, sterile distilled turpentine, hydrogen peroxide, tea tree oil

Essential oils - high quality therapeutic essential oils

Soaps - clothing detergent, dish detergent, bath soap

Paper products - TP, paper plates, wipes, feminine hygiene products

Coffee filters - for water prefiltering and for other uses, see Coffee filters

LED flashlights and headlights

Another item to consider. For those that rely on kerosene lanterns, as long as you have ample kerosene lamps and lanterns, you need a never ending supply of wicks. A wick will not last forever. The wick that comes with your new lamp is short and needs to be replaced before using it the first time. Wicks get clogged with carbon and have to be trimmed often. Of course that means it will be trimmed shorter every time. If you let the fuel run out, the wick will burn up too.

You should try to get a 30 inch wick rolled up inside the fuel reservoir and feed it through the lamp assembly. Also note  that there are various widths of wick and you must have the correct wick width in order for it to work. Wicks can be purchased on Amazon.



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