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Updated Aug 24 2021

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Back Door - Please view this page every day! Everyday is a new story of how to prep.
Survival and Emergency Preparedness Skills broken link
American Preppers Network
All Things Emergency Prepared
Off The Grid
Programming The Baofeng Portable
American Radio Relay League
Virginia Civil Defense League
FEMA Readiness Information
Baofeng Info
Baofeng Programming
More Baofeng Info
My thoughts on EMP a must read!
Ask A Prepper
American Redoubt  
Radio Master Reports  
3-3-3 Plan  
Buy Sawyer water filter online at Walmart 
Sawyer pocket filtration system Review 
ISIS and the EMP


Herbal medicines

Camp craft outdoors

Willow Haven Outdoor

David West - Fire starting master Youtube index

David West - Hobo stove

David West - Dishonest firestarting videos on Youtube

David West - Virginia Pine bow spindle firestatring

Mullein - The universal plant. Food, medicinal, fire starting

Make your own HCQ