Real Long Term Survival

Much of what is written and published to the web about survival tactics and procedures deal with disasters that are estimated to end within a few weeks, months, or a year. But what if this is a huge EMP, socio-economical collapse, or other massive disaster that would take the country down and would extend over two years or indefinitely? What is your plan to survive? Where will you live? What will you eat? How will you protect what is yours? Your family? Your health? Your property? Your survival goods?

In a year, if you survive that long, what will happen when all your stored goods are depleted? What about those dependent upon medication? Little has been said of this scenario. An EMP recovery may take two years or many more. Once everyone's stockpiles are gone there will be havoc, lawlessness, and turmoil.

"Millions of urban dwellers will be hiking into the country to escape the uninhabitable conditions within the cities". Pg 55 EMP Survival book.

If you live in the city or suburban areas you will be faced with no water, natural gas, sewer, and electricity. There will be no law enforcement or fire protection. You will be hard pressed to remain under those conditions. Lawlessness and gangs will pillage everything to survive. Roving bans of thugs and even innocent citizens will be going door to door looking for a handout or forcefully taking what they want. You will just be in the way and be eliminated. And remember, no cellphones or land telephones. No cable, satellite or off air TV and radio stations.

This is when you will need to bug-out. Make your way out to the country but this is not always the answer. Going "out to the country" doesn't mean you will find ample food or shelter. Country and rural citizens will not like you camping out on their property, pillaging their gardens, killing their livestock. They will have enough supplies for their own family and will defend it to the death. You will be met with strong resistance. You will really need a plan and a destination before trekking out of the city. Make friends or other arrangements with people living in the country. Share with them your plans and see if they are willing to take you in. Maybe for monetary exchange, barter, labor, or other services.

In planning for long term survival everything you need must be renewable or naturally replenished. Things like gas, propane, butane lighters, matches, clothing, shoes, 25 year foodstuffs, ammo, canned goods, medication, will eventually run out without restocking since goods will not be made or transported into your area. See Items To Stockpile for more detailed list of items.

After a long while most people, even country dwellers will just give up and report to State shelters to become a welfare burden. As a Ward of the State you will most likely be imprisoned or sent to holding camps or worse.

If you are fortunate to have planned ahead and have enough food, supplies, shelter and defense, you will find life will be a lot different.

 "We do not have the knowledge or experience to survive without power". Pg. 55 EMP Survival book.

Your lifestyle will be similar to those living from the 1800's to the 1900's. By the 1920's limited electricity was available even in rural areas but primarily for lighting. My personal advice is to study old history books of Colonial Living and how those lived by making your own clothes, growing your own food, providing security, and a home to protect you and your family from the elements. There are books available on "Living before the turn of the 20th Century". Also attend outside gatherings like flea markets, yard sales, steam engine shows, estate sales, and auctions. There you will find many usable hand tools and manual equipment, household items, etc. that will help you enough to sustain your new lifestyle.

"...progress has brought us so many good things, but in many ways things used to be much better....We are smarter but we are not wiser....We own more stuff but stuff we don't really need....We live longer lives but we are not healthier." 
Pg 12 Lost Book of Herbal Remedies

You will be surviving and living like they did back in the "early days" with the exception of knowing a lot more than they did back then. You must focus primarily on your needs.

What are the priorities for survival? Same as short term disasters. Here's a brief list:

1) Water - You cannot survive without clean water. Filter and boil water for drinking. Water can be gotten from downspouts, cisterns, other rain collection tanks, clear water from streams and ponds from known sources. Do not drink water that has not been adequately filtered or sterilized. It could be deadly.

2) Food - You must grow your own garden and have a large seed bank, raise rabbits, chickens, and goats. Barter for goods or services. Learn a skill that you can trade for goods.

3) Shelter - Sufficient and hidden for hot summers and cold winters. Heat can be tolerated by just staying in the shade. Cold weather means having sufficient wood for a woodstove and proper clothing.

4) Security/Communications - You must disappear from sight and not be a target. Having solar panels for rechargeable batteries for lights, walkie-talkies, and HF transceivers for very distant communications. Also study this web page.

5) Health and Medicine - A good supply of vitamins and supplements and foraging your own from herbs and plants by having the book listed below. (Lost Book of Herbal Remedies) This book will show you what common weeds and plants that can be used as a substitute for medication. Learn basic first aid and advanced care for trauma and serious wounds. Don't forget soap and detergents. Learn how to make lye soap.

6) Clothing - Save every stitch of clothing so it can be mended or cut into pieces for re-making other clothing items. Good leather shoes with rubber soles, not cheap sporting/running shoes that won't last a year. Ample thread and needles are a must.

Some books I recommend are:

The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies by Nicolee Apelian available from Amazon or her website - This book has many herbal and plant substitutes for modern medicine.

EMP Survival by Larry and Cheryl Poole available from Amazon - Packed with a lot of info.

Disaster Preparedness by Arthur T. Bradley available from Amazon or his website - he has many books and an email list worth subscribing to.

Many other books in my library are here.

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