What About Lightning?

One item that is often overlooked is proper lightning protection. Lightning happens all over the world at any time and most often dangerous electrical storms occur in May, June, and July here in the eastern US. Lightning can damage any radios and electronic equipment or anything that is plugged into house power. If not properly protected, it could actually start a house fire. Lightning is a large static discharge primarily from cloud to ground but can hit trees, buildings, power lines, humans and animals. It can be deadly if you are in the lightning path, or indirectly if a tree were hit and it would split and fall on you or your car.

Many people string up wire antennas or other types of TV antennas and simply feed the cable into the house and into their radio or TV without any thoughts of lightning protection. It doesn't matter if it is a TV antenna, Amateur Radio antenna, CB antenna, SWL antenna, WiFi or satellite dish, all of these need to be properly protected. Some insurance companies will not cover damages if it were not done properly.

Lightning suppression requires a heavy copper wire from the suppressor to a six foot deep ground rod or power meter ground rod to be effective.

A whole house power line surge suppressor is shown below and should be installed in the circuit breaker panel by an electrician.


Coax type arrestors are shown below.


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