What if it is Just a Major Grid Down?

What is a Grid Down? It is when the power grid that provides electricity to every house, business, factory, and infrastructure ceases. This could be caused by a number of things. A cyber attack on the computers that control the grid, a bombing of major power transformers or towers carrying power across the U.S., some other kind of sabotage to the grid itself, a major solar storm such as a Carrington Effect, and last but not least, and EMP from a nuclear attack on the U.S.

How long will a Grid Down last? It will depend on what took it down. A cyber attack or computer glitch could be corrected shortly and could be restored in a day or so. If sabotage, bombing or other attack, it could mean a longer Grid Down. Maybe weeks. If it was a Carrington Effect or EMP, we are talking about many months or even years before power can be restored if ever.

What would life be like if the power grid were to fail? We are all 100% dependent upon power for light, heat, refrigeration, transportation, health, food and water, sewer, banks, communications, internet/cable, satellite, security, radio and TV stations, and the list goes on.

Long term Grid Down will lead to social unrest, crime, chaos, and turmoil. You will not be able to travel because gas stations can't pump gas and fuel trucks can't deliver fuel. Your cellphones will die within a few days, no refrigeration means no fresh food and freezers failing. Police, fire and rescue squads will not be available, those on life support such as oxygen, dialysis, etc., will not survive.

Those living in major cities and suburbs will be hard hit first. No water or sewer, and grocery stores will be empty within a few hours. This will lead to chaos and major crime. Rioting and gangs will form and they will take what they want from anyone they come into contact with.

Planes won't necessarily fall out of the air unless it is a solar storm or EMP attack.

Fortunately those living in rural or out in the countryside will have a better chance of surviving longer but this doesn't mean those living in the city and suburbs can just escape into the countryside and camp on someone's front door to survive. Unless you have made prior arrangements with those living in the outskirts or rural areas you will not be welcome and will end up staring down the point of a gun. If you have a summer home or retreat in the mountains with well stocked provisions you may be able to stick it out longer.

Many of those in the city and suburbs think the governments will be there with food and water. This is a false sense of security. FEMA, Red Cross, local governments, and other agencies will not have enough provisions for anyone but themselves and the "Continuity of Government".

Again, what will life be like after a major long term grid outage? It has been said that over 90% of the population will not survive after a year of no power. This means we all would be living like our forefathers lived before the 1865 Civil War. You must adjust your lives and priorities to providing food, water, shelter and security for you and your family. This means growing your own food, purifying and filtering your water supply, protect what is yours, and maybe helping others within limits. Remember, it's not up to you to provide any and all you have for those that haven't prepared. You may also be forced by those that have nothing to take what is yours. This is going to be a problem you must plan for and face.

So what do I do to prepare? There are many books and websites such as this one that will lead you to and teach you what you must do. Your priorities are:

1) Water

2) Food

3) Shelter

4) Security and communications


Learn from reading. Some books are:

The ABC's of EMP - Jeff Yago

Prepper's Instruction Manual - Arthur Bradley

EMP Survival - Larry Poole


There are some novels, movies, and TV series' which will help you understand life after "the day" such as:

One Second After - William Forstchen

Patriots - James W. Rawles

Dies The Fire - S.M. Stirling

Revolution - NBC TV series

Red Dawn - Movie

There are also prepper groups popping up everywhere and you must seek out one or form your own with trusted friends or neighbors. Start here first. Then how to start prepping here.

Some websites are:

Ask a Prepper

Disaster Preparer




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